National Christmas Lights Day
Lets get lit

Tis the season to be merry and the day to light up your house! If you havent already started decortating your tree and house today is the day because Decemeber 1st is National Christmas Lights day. It is a day in which we celebrate lights. Hm, we really do celebrate anything and everything don't we?



Your Holiday lights will be labeled indoor and outdoor so remember to double check you are using them correctly. If you use indoor lights outdoors you run the risk of the lights being damaged by the weather and potentially starting a fire or electrical problem.


Did you know before electricity people placed candles in their trees during the holiday season? Talk about a fire risk! Happy holidays we've burned down all our trees! The lost holiday song? Maybe, or maybe that's the open fire the chesnuts were roasting on. 



So thank Thomas Edison for the first successful light bulb get out there and start stinging. I don't know about the rest of you but I am looking forward to filling up my mug with hot chocolate loading up the kids turning on some christmas music and driving around the neighborhood to see all of your beautiful holiday lights! 


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